Von Hoffman's Atomic Rule
Black Moon's Thro Kosh into
the Wind
Houdie is the sole survivor of a litter of 12 puppies.          
The mom went into a "late term abortion" and started to     
lose the puppies about 6 days before they were actually    
Of 12 puppies-3 were born died as they were    
trying to revive it, one survived for about 7 hours...and       
then there was little
Houdie-the survivor.
He was "preemie" because he was about 3-4 days early,  
and a C-section.  His eyes took almost 8 days extra to       
open, and we went through enemas every other day, to     
every day, until he started "eliminating" by himself.   
On Friday, September 6th-we went for his 6 week old       
check-up, and I am happy to say-little
Houdie is not so     
little anymore !!!  He weighed in at 9lbs and 15ozs-            
tipping back and forth to 10 lbs even!!!
He can see REAL good, and his TEETH are definitely      
in  (ouch!!!)  My vet said he is a fighter !  For now-he will   
be staying right look for his updates !!!
Fresh man to
his mother !
My eyes are
opening !!!
Beautiful hiney-and our first
"Black Moon" TAIL !!!
O.K. - so enough is enough,
he says to himself !
Vet visit on Sept 20, 2013
little porky Yago weighed in
at 16 lbs!  He gained 6
pounds in 2 weeks!
Everything checked out