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Registration:WR07684703 (AKC)Sire:JRSP83199  
No photo on file
Breed: ROTTWEILER Dam:WR07621801
Birthdate:Dec 25 2002 Addtl. Reg. #
DNA Profile:   
 OFA Number  Registry   Test/Film Date   Report Date   Age   Final Conclusion 
RO-65630G24M-PI HIPS Dec 28 2004 Jan 18 2005 24 GOOD
RO-EL5064M24-PI ELBOW Dec 28 2004 Jan 18 2005 24 NORMAL
RO-6041 CERF Apr 13 2007 Apr 13 2007 52 TESTED: 07:
CERF Breeder's Option Code(s):
  E1-Lens, punctate cataract *significance unknown
RO-CA2844/51M/C-PI CARDIAC Apr 13 2007 May 2 2007 51 NORMAL - CARDIOLOGIST
 Offspring  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   CARDIAC   CERF   HIPS 
BLITZ VON HAUS SCHARF WS08502604 Apr 18 2004  M RO-67008G24M-NOPI
STEENFELDTS KAOS ON THE RISE PP995530 Sep 25 2004  M RO-68394G33M-PI
AMON-RA VON HAUS SCHARF WS15779001 Dec 10 2005  M RO-68866G26M-NOPI
BLACK MOON'S PRAETORIAN GUARD WS20028803 Nov  1 2006  M RO-CA3355/17M/C-PI RO-6468
 Half Siblings(Sire)  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   Relation   CARDIAC   ELBOW   CERF   HIPS 
INES VON HASAN HAUSE WS07960202 Aug  4 2002  F Half(Sire) RO-EL5656F44-PI RO-67004G44F-PI
WANDOR 'OF NICOLA'S LION' WS15225801 Sep  6 2002  M Half(Sire) RO-67630G51M-NOPI
EVANDER REALDEAL VONDUNKELBERG  WS14001604 Jun  9 2005  M Half(Sire) RO-CA3103/28M/C-PI RO-EL6462M30-PI RO-6248 SEVERE
 Half Siblings(Dam)  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   Relation   HIPS 
BILALIAN ACRES STARR LITE WR07684706 Dec 25 2002  F Half(Dam) RO-65644G24F-PI

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The OFA database is not directly linked to the AKC or any other registry. Parent, Offspring, and Sibling information is limited to dogs contained in the OFA database, and where the sire/dam information has been filled out on the application so that subsequent relationships can be determined. Titles are included as a courtesy and are limited to those provided on the dog's application.

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