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No photo on file
Breed: ROTTWEILER Dam:WF823187
Birthdate:Jun 18 1988 Addtl. Reg. #
DNA Profile:   
 OFA Number  Registry   Report Date   Age   Final Conclusion 
RO-25000G24M HIPS Aug 27 1990 24 GOOD
RO-1859 CERF Sep 27 1995 * 86 TESTED: 93,95
* CERF Certification is valid for one year from the date of the exam.
 Sire/Dam  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   Relation   HIPS 
GRAF HASSO V. ALPEN HAUS WF313347 Apr 21 1982  M Sire RO-6083
SCHWARZE MOND VOM NEUEN JAHR WF823187 Oct 28 1985  F Dam RO-14955G24F
 Offspring  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   ELBOW   CERF   HIPS 
GREYSTONE'S O WHATA BABE WG476381 Jan 21 1990  F RO-33108F29F
GREYSTONE'S JUSTIN TIME WG450065 Jan 21 1990  M RO-36260F38M
APRIL PRINCESS TAEGDER WP40020001 Feb 18 1992  F RO-46824F40F
ROCKY STUBS WP46301007 Jan 16 1993  M RO-45815G27M-T
RISING STAR'S MR BEAUREGARD WP46301002 Jan 16 1993  M RO-48971G36M
BLACK MOON'S FRAULEIN AMERIKA WP59877406 Dec 24 1994  F RO-2620 RO-53449F28F-T
GUNTHER GARDELL SIRCABLE WP64202405 Jun 19 1995  M RO-54366G26M
BLACK MOON'S HELLUVA HALLABALLOO WP77421001 Mar 19 1997  M RO-EL3286M38-T RO-60013G38M-T
 Full Siblings  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   Relation   CERF   HIPS 
BLACK MOON'S PRINCESS ROSIE A WG451283 Jun 18 1988  F Full RO-24636G24F
BLACK MOON'S JAZMIN WG173586 Jun 18 1988  F Full RO-2621 RO-27127E31F
BLACK MOON'S BRANDY WG210546 Jun 18 1988  F Full RO-35383E54F
BLACK MOON'S PANZER WG169517 Jul 18 1988  M Full RO-29022G36M
 Half Siblings(Sire)  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   Relation   HIPS 
EBONHOLTZ BADGER WF699947 Jan  3 1985  M Half(Sire) RO-13492F28M
LIESL VOM ALPEN HAUS WF696626 Jan 23 1985  F Half(Sire) RO-12329G24F
ROYCES CRYSTAL BENSCHOTEN WF934366 Mar  7 1985  F Half(Sire) RO-12789G24F
ROYCE'S NATASCHA BERON WF748170 Mar  7 1985  F Half(Sire) RO-12875G24F
CYRUS OTTO VOM ALPEN HAUS WG317790 May  9 1989  M Half(Sire) RO-28177F24M
GLEN HILL'S CARRIE V ALPENHAUS WG316262 May  9 1989  F Half(Sire) RO-29046G26F
JARAK'S HALELUYA VON ALPENHAUS WP30759502 Aug 14 1990  F Half(Sire) RO-35956G29F-T
MANDEE JOY VOM ALPEN HAUS WP34023002 Mar 25 1991  F Half(Sire) RO-38203E28F
BONITA JAGIE VON APLEN HAUS WP34023007 Mar 25 1991  F Half(Sire) RO-40612F34F

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The OFA database is not directly linked to the AKC or any other registry. Parent, Offspring, and Sibling information is limited to dogs contained in the OFA database, and where the sire/dam information has been filled out on the application so that subsequent relationships can be determined. Titles are included as a courtesy and are limited to those provided on the dog's application.

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