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Registration:WS23806902 (AKC)Sire:WP85112002  
No photo on file
Breed: ROTTWEILER Dam:WR07830802
Color:BLACK & RUSTCHIC #:68324
Birthdate:Aug 2 2007 Addtl. Reg. #
DNA Profile:   
 OFA Number  Registry   Test/Film Date   Report Date   Age   Final Conclusion 
RO-7346 CERF Aug 6 2010 Aug 6 2010 36 TESTED: 10
RO-71150E36F-VPI HIPS Sep 1 2010 Sep 10 2010 36 EXCELLENT
RO-EL7808F36-VPI ELBOW Sep 1 2010 Sep 10 2010 36 NORMAL
RO-CA4455/36F/C-VPI CARDIAC Aug 6 2010 Sep 20 2010 36 NORMAL - CARDIOLOGIST
 Sire/Dam  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   Relation   HIPS   ELBOW   CARDIAC   CERF 
BLACK MOON'S IVANHO V. CHANCELLOR  WP85112002 Mar 17 1998  M Sire RO-65658E81M-PI RO-EL5077M81-PI RO-CA2992/112M/C-PI RO-6125
WRIGHT'S LADY JANE WR07830802 Jan  1 2003  F Dam RO-66368E31F-PI RO-EL5384F31-PI
 Full Siblings  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   Relation   HIPS   ELBOW   CARDIAC   CERF 
WINNING HAND'S TEXAS HOLD'EM  WS23806901 Aug  2 2007  M Full RO-71141E36M-VPI RO-EL7802M36-VPI RO-CA3533/12M/C-PI RO-6603
 Half Siblings(Sire)  Registration   Birthdate   Sex   Relation   HIPS   ELBOW   CARDIAC   CERF 
BLACK MOON'S QUANTUM LEAP FOR JOY  WS23801806 Oct  5 2007  F Half(Sire) RO-71142G34F-VPI RO-EL7803F34-VPI RO-CA3859/19F/C-PI RO-6849

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